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How many years have you worked in the Movie Theatre Industry and how did you first become involved?
I have worked for AMC for 30 years and started as a manager at the then Rolling Hills 6 in Torrance, CA.

What’s the best part of your Job? Do you have any memorable experiences that you would like to share?
The best part of the job is the amazing people I get to work with on my team, market and TSC. Everyone has had some impact on me and my career. Also I love movies. Isn’t that why we all work in the industry?

What is your fondest movie theatre memory?
I have many memories including several recognitions and awards from AMC. I also received the ShoWest Customer Service award in 1999.

How old were you when you went to your first movie? Do you remember the theatre and the city?
I’m not sure how old I was but I remember seeing Bambi at a drive-in in Independence, MO.

What is your favorite movie of all time? What is it about this movie that stands out for you?
I have lots of favorites, they all mean something. I enjoy sharing movies with my kids that I enjoyed. The one I can watch over and over without getting tired of is Tombstone. “I’m your huckleberry.” Great cast and great movie.

Scott Shellenbergar at Special Olympics 2015 with his children and father.
Do you have any industry related hobbies or experiences? Please explain.
I enjoy getting involved with the community. Most recently co-ordinated the LA market supporting the LA World Games Special Olympics in 2015.

Do you have any special interests that you would like to share?
My family. Been married to my amazing wife for 20 years with 4 great kids. One son was in a band that played at House of Blues in Hollywood. Another son earned Eagle Scout and another one is on his way within the next year. My daughter is an awesome dancer and received several awards at different competitions. I have enjoyed playing Santa Claus for the last 17 years including a Breakfast with Santa program.

What does being a member of NATO of CA/NV mean to you?
I have enjoyed over the last 5 years creating awareness for the scholarship program for AMC associates. Seeing them receive this financial support to help with their educational goals is very rewarding.

Of all the resources that the Association offers (seminars, scholarships, email advisories, etc.) which is most useful for you?
In addition to the scholarship, I enjoy the film product seminars and getting together with my peers.