Film Product Seminar 2016



As over 200 theatre representatives from the various parts of Southern California filed into Regal’s L.A. Live: A Barco Entertainment Center in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 9, for the Southern California NATO of California/Nevada Film Product Seminar, they were greeted by not one, but three screens.
Ted Schilowitz, Chief Creative Officer at Barco, gave the seminar’s attendees a glimpse into the “Barco Escape” experience. Barco Escape utilizes a three-screen format (one main screen in the center surrounded by two angled screens on either side), ideal for panoramic shots and action sequences in movies.
“You are literally sitting on the bleeding edge,” Schilowitz told the audience before playing a teaser for 6 Below, directed by Scott Waugh (XXX) and starring Josh Hartnett, using Barco Escape technology. 6 Below, a survival story based off of the experiences of Olympic athlete Eric LeMarque who got lost snowboarding in a massive storm in 1994, was shot entirely for the Barco Escape format, which takes full advantage of those three screens with breathtaking views of the frozen tundra.  
Schilowitz noted that with Barco Escape, hard-to-sell front-of-the-house seats actually become premium seating since they give the movie-goers an immersive experience. “You can live inside the movie,” he said.
The idea of three screens isn’t a new one in the history of cinema. It was first seen in 1927 with polyvision, a specialized wide screen format that used the simultaneous projection of three reels onto three different screens, mimicking a triptych split-screen effect. But that was during the silent movie era, and the idea of a tri-screen experience was again revisited in the 1950s with the conception of Cinerama. Invented by Fred Waller, Cinerama used three synchronized
35 mm projectors onto a single curved wide screen. And now, nearly 70 years later, Barco Escape pushes the three-screen envelope even further with the use of state-of-the-art laser projectors.
“We are still figuring out what it can be, how it can be refined,” said Schilowitz.

It seemed fitting to hold such a technologically-forward seminar at a venue like Regal’s L.A. LIVE: A Barco Innovation Center, which is the first all-laser projector multiplex cinema on the West Coast (including accoutrements like immersive sound and a unique lobby experience that uses innovative technology to interact with moviegoers). Ashley Birkett, General Manager of Regal L.A. LIVE, said it’s always fun hosting NATO’s Film Product Seminar. “Hosting is a great experience. We are able to work directly with the studios and NATO,” she said.
The all day event provided interaction with studio representatives from Lionsgate/Summit, 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight, Sony Entertainment, Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Studios, Focus Features, Relativity Europa and The Weinstein Company.  Each company  took turns showcasing their product reels for films to be released late 2016 and early 2017, displaying a diverse selection of genres, from horror to comedy, and action to drama (not to mention, a couple Oscar contenders). Clips from sixty-two films were screened preceded by remarks from all the studio representatives.   The NATO of California/Nevada Northern California Product Seminar will be held this coming Wednesday, November 16th at Cinemark's Century Tanforan Theatre in San Bruno, California.


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