Patrons Help Re-Seat Theatres


Fairfax, VA, theatre owner Mark O’Meara wanted to install new seats in his theatres.  The only problem was the lack of funds to do so.  A showman and resourceful promoter of the first order, Mark thought up a very clever way to solve that problem.  He turned to Kickstarter, a global online community where individuals and small businesses are able to solicit contributions to underwrite all manner of projects and creative endeavors.

Mark first had the notion two years ago when he wanted to install new seats in his three-screen University Mall Theatres.  By offering incentives including passes, concession items, on-screen advertising, theatre parties, among other things, he raised $131,000 over a period of approximately one month, far exceeding his target goal of $100,000.  Donations ranging from $1.00 to $500.00 were received from 2,700 people.  Given that the decision to buy new seats was prompted by some patrons gently letting him know the old seats were less than comfortable, Mark appropriately named his Kickstarter campaign “Save Our Butts.

More recently, Mark decided to update his six-screen Cinema Arts Theatres, including all new seats.  It was now time for “Save Our Butts The Seat-quel.”  As with his earlier Kickstarter campaign, the response was outstanding.  During the month of October, 2016, 1260 backers pledged $112,536, again besting his goal of $100,000.  Incentives, scaled to donations ranging from $5 to $1,000, included an on-screen “thank you,” passes, concession items, private theatre parties, free popcorn refills for a year, donor name plates on seats, on-screen advertising, and more.

A little showmanship can go a long way.   A long way indeed, as Mark received pledges from as far away as Columbia, Great Britain, Italy and Australia!   Mark, his family and team are overwhelmed with all the love that came their way... “we feel lucky to have the best customers and are honored to serve our community!"

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